Services and Prices

Reiki and Tarot

All of my offerings are available both in-person or online. To book an online session, please contact me directly 

Tarot and Reiki (2hrs)                £120            

In this 2hr session with me, you'll be given intuitive messages and crystal guidance received before our session. During the session I will give 50mins of distance Reiki healing, which includes feedback and energy reading. This is followed by a 1hr in depth tarot reading which will illuminate current themes in your life and offer you counsel, direction and peace of mind as you move forward.

Tarot Therapy (2hrs)                  £120           

Tarot therapy is a chance for us to do in depth work and gives us a chance to use the tarot to answer to past events as well as illuminating current situations. These are soul therapy sessions in which we use the cards to look more deeply into emotional, psychological and spiritual themes in your life so that you can make sense of your journey and you can walk on your path with more confidence, peace and a renewed sense of connection with the divine.



(30mins)                                      £40               

(50 mins)                                     £60               

(90 mins)                                     £100             

Reiki works with the physical, emotional and spiritual body helping you to realign, accelerate your bodies own healing processes and find more relaxation. In this session you will receive 50 or 30mins of distance healing from me. If we are working remotely, before the session I will email you instructions and ask you for some details, so that you can make the most out this healing session.


(1hr Skype/Zoom)                      £60               

(1hr in person)                            £60

Either in-person or through video conference and I will use tarot and intuitive guidance to address your situation and answer your questions. This is interactive and allows you to respond to what comes up and ask further questions. Using tarot in this way will allow you to find confidence, peace and a deeper connection to your spiritual path.

(30min audio MP3)                     £40              

For this service you will send me a question in advance and within 3 days I will send you a recorded MP3 reading, using tarot and intuitive guidance that will answer your question and address your situation. Please contact me directly for this service.


*If for any reason these prices are not accessible to you and you'd like to come for a healing or a reading, please email me directly and I am happy to arrange and accommodate affordable payments where I can.


I had a tarot reading by Shaka not too long ago. I'm so glad I went for one. I didn't go for fortune telling but more for inspiration and advice. She certainly delivers. She was on the money with her observations on current and past events in my life and the people in it, with plenty of guidance on how things could be in the future, in the healing sense. She was in tune with me on a psychic level, to my surprise! Yet, maybe I shouldn't be surprised at all. It took me years to decide to see another tarot reader and I'm so glad I found Shaka whose warmth, humour and guidance and positivity culminated in a very touching and accurate reading.

Jules, 2019

In February you read my tarot cards and told me about this man I'd meet who was perfect for me. At the time I was like noooooo, I never thought such a man existed but then... I met him! At first we were just really good friends but now I'm bursting with love from the inside out. And I just remembered today... Your tarot reading. And so I HAD to tell you. I'm just blown away.

So just wanted to say thank you. For your intuition and guidance and spiritual love and your gracious time. 

Sending heaps of love xxx

Anna, 2019

From the beginning of the reading it was clear Shaka had consciously created a sacred space for me to feel completely comfortable and safe. I found that the reading really resonated with me. She drew from the events of my past and also where I was at emotionally at that particular time.
She explained in great detail the meaning of each card and created a very clear and concise picture of the essence of each tarot card related to the energy flowing through my life, and ultimately my life path. The experience not only confirmed what I knew for myself, it also gave me more insight and more clarity into my personal journey.
I highly recommend Shaka's services.

Luke, 2020

Such a beautiful healing and tarot session yesterday. My heart is full! Thank you thank you thank you for sharing your gifts with me.

Nary, 2019

Shaka intuitively guides you through the tarot reading without any prompts or given information. She selects the relevant crystals and is led by her instincts - perceptively reading your journey through the cards. She is sensitive, reflective, clear and concise - the best tarot reading I have ever had, which occurred at the right time!

Iwona, 2020

I began receiving Reiki healing from Shaka in 2019. She really enabled me to feel safe in her care and allow me to unpack beyond just the Reiki. We would also have tarot readings at the end of sessions which was explained in detail by Shaka. In that period of receiving Reiki I felt a lot being lifted and cleared! In my aura as well as my body. Shaka really helped me navigate past energetic blocks and I would certainly recommend her services.

Chantelle, 2019

I have been fortunate enough to have experienced just a few of Shaka's many gifts first hand. A healer, a teacher, a kind and gentle soul. Intuitive insightful, a warm and supportive presence to guide you and put you at ease. Thank you Shaka. 

Meenu, 2019

Had a great Reiki and Tarot reading session with Shaka yesterday. She's very in tune and genuine, very warm and made me feel comfortable from the moment I walked in her venue, which too, is warm and comfortable. It was my first experience with both Reiki and Tarot and Im glad I went. Thank you Shaka.

Isaac, 2020

This was a Fantastic Reiki session with Shaka, I would definitely recommend to others. I've already recommended to friends. Shaka sent an email outlining Covid precautions. I was made to feel very comfortable & welcome from the moment I arrived. I took a 1.5hr session, which I would highly recommend instead of just 1hr. It meant that the work went much deeper. We got to discuss what came up, which is not something I have been offered before. I found that very helpful and insightful. Thank you

Michelle, 2020