Healing Therapies

Alongside teaching yoga, I'm also a Level 2 Reiki practitioner. Reiki brings energetic healing to the body and works to clear blockages, bring relaxation and heal physical and emotional ailments. I offer this alone or with a tarot reading. Tarot is divination tool, designed to offer guidance and bring us closer to spirit and our soul purpose. I have been reading cards for around 5 years, only recently offering this as a service. I'm currently offering both of these services (separately or together) at a discounted rate as I continue to build my clientele and esteem.


This is a photo of Dr Mikao Usui (1865-1926) who is the founder of the of healing system called Reiki. Although Dr Usui discovered the Reiki system fairly recently, Reiki as a 'holistic healing system' is thought to be thousands of years old with origins in Tibetan Buddhism. Translated to 'Universal Life Energy', Reiki can bring comfort and calm, accelerate the bodies own natural healing processes and supports healing on a physiological, psychological, emotional and spiritual level. 


Reiki works consecutively and the more you have, the more profound the changes. I'm happy to work intuitively with you to bring whatever it is your body and spirit need at this time, working towards a greater sense of wellbeing and peace.


Divination therapies have been used by human beings for thousands of years in many cultures and countries around the world. Tarot specifically, has it's origins in 15th century Europe as a card game, which later evolved into an esoteric tool for divination. Most commonly formed of 78 cards comprised of what is called the minor and major arcana, tarot is a combination of traditional playing card decks and another 22 cards, which tell the tale of the universal human experience.

I read the cards intuitively and work with spirit and the energy that you bring, in order to offer you guidance and help in your life. Tarot is a deeply spiritual practice and my approach intends to bring you closer to your soul purpose and reconnect you with your own divine intelligence. For me, using the cards is not just about fortune telling, it is a tool for you to use to help you on your spiritual path. When the messages you receive resonate, you will know at a deep, heartfelt level. I always advise my clients to tap into this and follow your own intuition for what feels right.