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About Shaka

A woman, outside in an urban setting, doing a yoga pose

I have been practicing yoga for over 15 years and involved in psychic and spiritual healing for almost 12. My yoga practice has provided a foundation and container for me through my continued spiritual and self development. 


Yoga had an unexpected and profound effect on my life and my journey with it has become progressively more dedicated and involved. My study, practice and discovery of yoga continues and could be described as a process of being, rather than becoming, as it teaches us to shed layers that inhibit our ability to see and accept ourselves as we are, rather than what we think we ought or want to be. 


My personal practice is Ashtanga, and I have studied with senior and certified teachers Elinore Burke, Kristina Karitinou, Hamish Hendry and Ryan Speilman. My current teacher is Corrie Ananda. My training is in Hatha yoga and in 2017 I graduated from SOAS after completing MA Traditions of Yoga and Meditation (with distinction). Alongside Ashtanga, I often also practice Iyengar and both of these schools of yoga influence and inform my own teaching style. 

In addition to teaching yoga, I offer psychic tarot readings, energetic healing and holistic massage. I work intuitively and with spirit and the ancestral and angelic realms to help you connect to the divine intelligence of your own body, which aids in offering you guidance and healing on your soul journey and life path.

Recently I have just launched my Spiritual Mentorship Program, which offers individual 1:1 time with me over 6-weeks. It combines all the modalities that I currently offer along with dedicated coaching, counselling and therapeutic space to help you reach your goals and connect to your highest vision for yourself and your life. This program is a culmination of my life's work so far that allows me to draw together the experience, knowledge and tools that been so pivotal for me, and offering them to you in a more tailor made way.

I’ve studied Eastern and Western philosophy extensively and woven this knowledge experientially into my own life. Yoga is an ancient practice and I believe a self-technology that allows us to reconnect to our natural state of bliss. It is a holistic practice that recognises the importance and balance of the mind, the body and the soul.


Often, there is not a definitive line between the results of my work as a teacher and as a therapist/coach. When working with you as a teacher, my aim is to build strength, openness and balance within the body as well as the mind. When working with you as a healer, my aim to allow you to be present, feel held and provide a space for you to explore your inner and sensate world more deeply, as well as attuning your physical and energetic body. Both allow for a process of reflection, somatic experience and inner connection. When working with you as a psychic or coach, my intention is help you find a connection to your own intuition more strongly, while offering messages that confirm to you spirit is close.

Additionally I am a creative and also happy to share my music and photography.

I'm passionate about sharing yoga and other holistic and healing practices and making them accessible to everyone. I work with mixed ability groups and individuals and tailor my teaching to suit my students needs and goals. My job as a teacher and healer is to guide, strengthen and encourage you on your own journey of self-discovery.

For information about what I offer, please click here.


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