About Shaka Lish

After being unexpectedly moved by its profound effect on my life many years ago, my journey into yoga has become progressively more dedicated and involved. My study, practice and discovery of yoga and the depths of this knowledge and practice continues mentally, physically and spiritually. It seems never to cease to astound, engage and inspire me. Yoga, as I have understood it through my own personal experience, is a process of being, rather than becoming. Yoga has taught me to shed layers that inhibit my ability to see and accept myself as I am, rather than what I think I ought or want to be. This profound journey is never easy but the sense of connection, liberation and reward makes the effort worth it.


My personal practice is Ashtanga, which I have been practicing for around 10 years. I have studied with certified teachers Elinore Burke, Kristina Karitinou, Hamish Hendry and my current teacher is Ryan Spielman. My training is in Hatha yoga and I completed my Yoga Teaching Diploma with the YMCA (500+ hours). I also have other CPD training certificates and an MA from SOAS in Traditions of Yoga and Meditation (with distinction). Alongside Ashtanga, I also practice with Iyengar teachers at the Iyengar Institute and all of these approaches influence and inform my own teaching style. 

I’ve always been intrigued by Eastern and Western philosophy and have studied extensively and woven this knowledge experientially into my own life. My desire is to use the profound wisdom I have acquired to guide my students. Yoga is an ancient practice and I believe a self-technology that allows us to reconnect to our natural state of bliss. Though yoga can be physically demanding, it is a holistic approach that recognises the importance and balance of the mind, the body and the soul. When working with you as a teacher, my aim is to build strength, openness and balance within the body and to enhance relaxation and a sense of wellbeing so that you can truly connect to yourself and reawaken the sacred space within your heart.

I'm passionate about sharing yoga and making it accessible to everyone. I am able to work with mixed ability groups and individuals and tailor my teaching programme to suit my students needs and goals. To me, the most important thing is for my students to enjoy yoga and their own practice, allowing it to reconnect them to their own intuition through self-awareness. My job as a teacher is to guide and encourage you on your own journey of self-discovery.

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