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An oasis for the mind, the body and the soul.

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My name is Shaka Lish and I am a yoga teacher, healer and holistic therapist from London. Skies and Flora is a space that encompasses all of the work that I do and it is also a celebration of nature, plant food power and creative expression.


I chose the name Skies and Flora, as it references my photographic interests and the way in which for me, nature is an important source of grounding and inspiration that compliments and supports my practice of yoga as part of an integrated lifestyle. 

This is a forum for my clients, students, friends and all new comers to find out more about my work as a teacher, healer and holistic therapist, as well as a platform for sharing other resources that compliment a better understanding of the path of yoga and the things we can do to support our practice and journey into expansion, healing and self discovery. 

Yoga is a holistic practice and the work we do on the mat must also be taken off the mat and into the world as we become spiritual warriors, healers and divine messengers in the many walks of life we all take. 



"Yoga is an internal practice, the rest is just a circus."


— Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois