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Services and Prices

Yoga Teacher | Reiki & Massage Therapist  | Tarot Reader | Spiritual Mentor

Offerings are available both in-person or online, unless otherwise specified. Please contact me directly to arrange your session.


Tarot Therapy

I am a psychic and intuitive tarot reader and use the cards to offer guidance to address your situation and answer your questions. This is interactive and in depth work, if you choose, and offers a chance to answer to past events as well as illuminating current situations. These are soul therapy sessions that will highlight themes in your life so that you can walk on your path with more confidence, peace and a renewed sense of connection with the divine. 

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Reiki & Tarot

In this 2hr session with me, you will receive a 1hr in depth tarot reading which will illuminate current themes in your life and offer you counsel, direction and peace of mind as you move forward. This is followed by 60mins of Reiki healing, which includes feedback and energy reading. If we are working remotely, before the session I will email you instructions in preparation and ask you for some details, so that you can make the most out this healing session.


Reiki Infused Holistic Massage

Holistic massage is a practice of massage that takes into account the whole person - physical, emotional and spiritual. The massage is adapted and used to meet the needs of the person and different areas of the body. This is is also accompanied with Reiki healing energy during the this full body treatment, which will leave your body feeling relaxed, renewed and supple. I use homemade natural oil blends that will add to this sensuous experience.



Reiki works with the physical, emotional and spiritual body helping you to realign, accelerate your bodies own healing processes and find more relaxation. A reiki treatment with me always includes  feedback and energy reading and I offer space for you to also give feedback if you choose. If we are working remotely, before the session I will email you instructions in preparation and ask you for some details, so that you can make the most out this healing session.


Private Yoga Tuition

I teach Hatha, Restorative and Ashtanga yoga and am available for online yoga classes in groups or on an individual basis. This allows me to really work intuitively with you, give greater attention and adapt my teaching to your needs. I have special rates for clients that book a block of classes that are 5 or 10, please contact me directly to arrange this. Please use the link to arrange a FREE consultation.


Womb Massage

Often, we hold so much emotion within our abdomen, but particularly for women also within our yoni area. Womb massage is a beautiful, powerful and intimate practice, offered from sister to sister, to help increase circulation to the entire abdominal area and extra care and attention to the womb area. This massage can help with emotional, energetic and physical healing, aiding with digestion, conception, emotional health and also just to help feel more vibrant and creative. This massage is also suitable and open to men who are interested in experiencing this beautiful ritual.



Inspirational Channelled

For this service I will send you a recorded and fully channelled inspirational message within 3 days of purchase. Inspirational readings offer clarity, positivity and guidance directly to your soul. These readings are powerful, healing and act as confirmation that help you reconnect to the light within. They offer practical wisdom as well as inspiration, upliftment and motivation for you in your life.


Spiritual Mentorship Program

This program consists of 6x 90min sessions that combine therapeutic space, coaching, guidance and tools to support you in your spiritual advancement, life path and career. These sessions are developed around principles that offer space for detours, adaptation and spaciousness for your co-creation with the universe and your higher self to attain your most optimal timeline. 

*If for any reason these prices are not accessible for you and you'd like to come for a treatment or session, please email me directly and I am happy accommodate affordable payments where I can.

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