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Spiritual Mentor Program

Are you looking to develop a deeper spiritual practice and connection to self?

Are you looking for meaningful support as you move through a transition in your life or career?

Are you ready to commit to yourself and a program that offers a holistic and sustainable approach to your achieving dreams?

Read further if you think that this might be the program for you:


My Spiritual Mentor Program consists of 6x 90min sessions that are a mixture of therapeutic space, coaching, guidance and tools to support you in your spiritual advancement, life path and career. These sessions are developed around principles that offer space for detours, adaptation and spaciousness for your co-creation with the universe and your higher self to attain and align with your most optimal timeline.

Sessions are:

  • A space for awareness – so that you can truly align with a path that is authentic, joyful and purposeful – unique and specific to you!

  • Therapeutic – space to explore key past events, where you’re at, what you’re seeking and what you might be needing to cultivate as you invite in more of what you want into your life.

  • Intentional – setting intentions that allow you to make your desires known and to hold yourself accountable, while also giving space for magic and mystery of life.

  • Tools – I’ll be bringing in a wealth of tools, knowledge and experience to support and guide you using psychic guidance, tarot, somatic practices, meditation, yoga, massage and energetic work, as well as coaching and counselling techniques.

  • Self-paced working – regular and consistent sessions decided by you. These can be weekly or fortnightly and are co-agreed at the outset.

  • Support and assistance – to help you build confidence, assertiveness and a positive mindset that will carry you onwards long after sessions end.

  • Spread payments – to make this program more accessible, there is the option to make instalments and pay over an agreed term.

  • Safe payments - payments made through Paypal or Stripe.

  • Individualised – sessions are 1:1 and only 3 spaces on the program are filled at any time. This gives me the chance to give you my full attention and energy.   

6 - WEEK PROGRAM with the option to continue (regularly or adhoc)

  • £720

  • £90 (90min sessions, adhoc)

To find out more or to book an introductory consultation please contact me using the link below:

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