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Tarot Circle

Tarot in a group setting

Available both in-person or online. 

A tarot circle is the opportunity to come together in a group and use the cards collectively. My tarot circles are offered ceremonially and can be held online or in-person. This is suitable for any group setting (that doesn't involve alcohol) such as - special occasions, corporate, events or retreats.  

The circle begins with a short meditation, to get grounded and set our intentions. Once each member of the circle has set their intentions, they are invited to pick their cards freely. Once the whole group has chosen their cards, I will help you to interpret the messages of your chosen cards and you will also have a short time to explore whatever comes up.


The circle is a safe container for the whole group and we use the collective energy to bring forth the wisdom and guidance of the cards, as well as each other. In this space you are welcome to share as little or as much as you feel comfortable with, there are no expectations other than openness to the process and remaining present and embodied.

(Works best for groups between 6 - 15)

Please contact me directly for enquiries and prices - 



Clouds in Sky

Shaka not only gave me an in-depth reading that was filled with compassion and insight, but she was able to signpost me to other pertinent things that resonated  and had additional messages, whether that was a recommended podcast, author or soundtrack. I came away feeling spiritually satiated. Keep shining and sharing your healing light!

Anonymous, 2022
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