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The Beacon of Hope

While clearing my computer I came across this poem I wrote in 2012. I was moved by its prescience and relevance still today, so I have decided to share it. Hope you enjoy.

In the depths of my anguish

There was a shining light

In the guise of a friend

Who helped me to smile

We laughed over supper

We laughed over tea

We told one another jokes

We shared our stories

Stories of reflection

Of actions of past

Odes of experience

Oh how we laughed

We spoke of our mistakes

Of the things that we would change

We spoke of our loves lost

And of our heartbreak

We exchanged our experience

Of family and foe

Of our faith in the higher, divine order of it all.

In the depths of my anguish

There was a sense of hope

In the guise of some counsel

That helped me to cope

In the midst of the senseless

Of the perplexing

There was a reminder

That there certainly are some true blessings

The extreme paradoxical gifts

That each day brings

Knowing there are lessons

In the wind that sings

A sweet melody,

That speaks to our heart

That plays on the strings

Of life’s ascending harp

A promise of truth

A promise more

Beyond the misunderstanding

Of life’s unopened doors

In the depths of my aguish

There was heavenly guide

In the guise of an angel

That never left my side

Words spoken so softly

Yet in the stillness I could hear

Above the other voices

Above the voice of despair

The angel told me

That I had a guide

An eternal belonging

Of infinity inside

It is a knowledge, like nothing else

A knowledge that comes

In the quietness of self

In the depths of his anguish

I took my brothers hand

I told him he was strong

And that I understand

In the depths of her anguish

I gave my sister a kind word

I told her she was strong

And how much she was worth

In the depths of my anguish

My own love cured my own

In my service to others

I found my true home

Someone told me today

Of the struggle that they faced

And so knelt down

And so I prayed

And sometimes,

This is all that we can do

In a life that so often

Can seem so cruel

Be that beacon of light

And never turn away

For if we are brave

And if today we have faith

We may just find the joy

Of tomorrows new day

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